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by Dr Darren Webb (Precision Health Coaching)


Investing in Your Wellbeing: The Case for Health Goals Amidst Career and Financial Aspirations

by Dr Darren Webb (Precision Health Coaching)

In the pursuit of a fulfilling and successful life, individuals often set ambitious career goals and financial milestones. The drive to climb the corporate ladder or achieve financial stability is deeply ingrained in our society. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of professional and financial aspirations, the importance of setting health goals tends to be overlooked. In this blog post, we will explore why we have career goals and financial goals but often neglect our health goals, and how incorporating the concept of a “health bucket list” can help strike a balance.


Why Career and Financial Goals Take Center Stage
Career and financial goals are readily embraced as they align with societal norms and expectations. The pursuit of a successful career and financial stability is often associated with personal growth, societal recognition, and the ability to provide for oneself and loved ones. These goals are measurable and tangible, making them more accessible for individuals to set and track.


The Oversight of Health Goals
Contrastingly, health goals can seem elusive and abstract. Unlike career and financial goals, the benefits of maintaining good health may not be immediately apparent, leading many to deprioritise them. The lack of a clear roadmap and the intangibility of health-related outcomes contribute to the oversight of setting and achieving health goals.


Understanding the Importance of Health Goals
Our wellbeing is the foundation upon which all other aspects of our lives rest. Without good health, achieving career and financial success becomes an uphill battle. Health goals encompass physical, mental, and emotional aspects, promoting a holistic approach to personal development. Prioritising health is an investment in longevity, vitality, and an enhanced quality of life.

Introducing the Health Bucket List
Just as we create career and financial goals, it’s time to introduce the concept of a “health bucket list.” A health bucket list comprises personal milestones and experiences that contribute to overall wellbeing. This can include fitness achievements, wellness practices, travel destinations, or even personal challenges that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Balancing Career, Financial, and Health Goals
The key is to strike a balance between career, financial, and health goals. While professional and financial success is essential, neglecting health can lead to burnout, stress-related illnesses, and a diminished quality of life. Integrating health goals into the overall life plan ensures a more holistic and sustainable approach to personal development.


In the pursuit of a well-rounded and fulfilling life, it’s crucial to recognise the significance of health goals alongside career and financial aspirations. By introducing the concept of a health bucket list, individuals can create a roadmap for achieving and maintaining optimal wellbeing. Striking a balance between career, financial, and health goals ensures a more harmonious and gratifying life journey. So, at the start of 2024, let’s redefine success to encompass not only professional and financial achievements but also a thriving and resilient state of health.


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Author: Emily Chantiri (Contributed to by Dr Darren Webb)

Publication: Information Age (Australian Computer Society)

Publication Date: 12th October 2023