Epigenetic Virtual Health Assistant

Personalisation is the future of healthcare – precision tailored to each unique individual using leading-edge AI-driven support.

Shae™ gives you practical advice, personalised to your unique biology.

Welcome to Shae™

How Shae™ Works

Shae™ uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypical profile.


This allows Shae™ to correlate predictive, preventative, precision personalised data and give you practical advice for your health, performance, learning, and mental wellbeing every day.

Precision – Personalised to You

In modern anthropometry, it is known that every bodily measurement has a specific ratio when harmony is maintained. Anthropometric measurements are thus used as markers of health and disease, not only on their own but commonly as they relate to one another. Similarly, the body displays signs and symptoms that can be used to assess its current state of health and wellbeing.


Your body on the outside is a direct reflection of your health on the inside. From these simple physical assessments, Shae™ precision personalises data specifically to your body, right now.

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HealthTypes™ are a simple system based on your biology to help you understand yourself and the world around you. Click below to find out more about HealthTypes™.

Try the 3 minute test to discover which HealthType™ you are.

Note: The 3 minute test offers a simplified estimate of your HealthType™. 

Full assessment available with a PHC coaching package.

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Note: While Shae™ licences can be purchased elsewhere, only PHA endorsed affiliate (Shae™ trained) coaches can offer it at our reduced cost and compliment it with integrated coaching services – the way it’s meant to be.

“Shae™ helps me serve my clients better by working with their biology for faster, more efficient and more sustainable health behaviour change.”

Precision Health Coaching offers health and wellness coaching with or without the use of Shae™.