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We welcome client / patient referrals from General Practitioners (GPs) and Allied Health Providers (AHPs) whenever provided.


Peak body accredited Health and Wellness Coaches supporting positive health behaviour change are the missing piece in the public health landscape. Health and Wellness Coaching is not a substitute for medical care but complements it by addressing lifestyle factors that contribute to overall health. Our objective, like yours, is to provide the most appropriate level of healthcare to everyone.

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Why refer to an accredited Health and Wellness Coach

Here are a few reasons to engage your clients / patients with a Health and Wellness Coach:

  1. Behavioural Change Support: A health and wellness coach can assist patients in adopting and sustaining positive health behaviours, such as regular exercise, healthy eating, and stress management.
  2. Personalised Plans: Coaches can create individualised plans tailored to a patient’s specific health goals, taking into account their unique circumstances and preferences.
  3. Lifestyle Modification: Health coaches specialise in guiding individuals through lifestyle changes, helping patients address factors like sedentary habits, sleep patterns, and overall wellness.
  4. Accountability: Coaches provide ongoing support and accountability, which can be crucial for patients trying to make sustained lifestyle changes.
  5. Holistic Approach: Health coaches often take a holistic approach, considering various aspects of a patient’s life, including nutrition, physical activity, stress levels, and emotional wellbeing.
  6. Chronic Disease Management: For patients dealing with chronic conditions, a health and wellness coach can complement medical treatment by focusing on lifestyle factors that impact the condition.
  7. Motivational Support: Coaches can serve as motivators, helping patients overcome obstacles, build confidence, and stay committed to their health goals.
  8. Communication and Goal Setting: Health coaches facilitate effective communication between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring that health goals align with medical recommendations.
  9. Preventive Health: Referring patients to a health coach can contribute to preventive care by addressing risk factors and promoting overall wellbeing.
  10. Patient Empowerment: Coaches empower patients to take an active role in their health, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for their wellbeing.
  11. Sustainable Change: Health and wellness coaches focus on creating sustainable changes, guiding patients in establishing habits that promote long-term health.
  12. Stress Reduction: Coaches often incorporate stress management techniques, supporting patients in reducing stress levels and improving overall mental health.
  13. Support for Weight Management: For patients aiming to manage weight, health coaches can provide guidance on nutrition, exercise, and mindset to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  14. Complementary to Medical Care: Health coaching is not a substitute for medical care but complements it by addressing lifestyle factors that contribute to overall health.
  15. Enhanced Patient Engagement: Involving a health coach can enhance patient engagement in their healthcare journey, fostering a collaborative approach between the patient and healthcare team.

Established in 2019, Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand Association (HCANZA) is the peak body for accredited Health and Wellness Coaches offering:

  • Professional Standards Accreditation,
  • Scope of Practice oversight,
  • Health professional legal liability insurance, and
  • Ongoing member professional development.

HCANZA currently lists over 240 nationally accredited health and wellness coaches (here) whose profiles can be filtered according to name, qualification (training organisation), geographic location and specialisation.

Dr Darren Webb’s HCANZA profile here.

Becoming the team our patients need

“Health Coaching is a team sport.”

With current healthcare challenges faced by many populations and their health systems globally, the need to enhance access to chronic condition management has never been more critical.


Many countries have already integrated Health and Wellness Coaches into Primary Care (GP) Practices as effective behaviour change specialists to support patients through multidisciplinary healthcare teams.


Precision Health Coaching (Dr Darren Webb) is a passionate advocate for such approaches to patient care.

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