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Welcome to Precision Health Coaching™, where we believe that health is not just about being free from disease, but about feeling your best and reaching your full potential.


Our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness through personalised, evidence-based coaching and support. We will work with you to create a customised plan based on your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle.


Whether you are looking to improve your physical health, mental wellbeing, or both, we are here to help you achieve your vision of optimal health and happiness. Let’s begin your journey towards better health today!

We offer assistance with:

Achieve it all

Mindset is everything

Fuel for success

Movement for life

Wake up refreshed

All about balance

Personalised Programs based on YOU

Personalisation is the future of healthcare – precision tailored to each unique individual using leading-edge AI-driven support.


Precision Health Coaching combines the latest in epigenetic AI-enabled health knowledge with qualified health and wellness coaching to support clients in creating positive health behaviour change and enhanced health and wellbeing.


Discover your epigenetic HealthType™

HealthTypes™ are a fancy name for your biological source code that relates to your genes, influences your organ function, determines your hormone levels and emotions, and even how you think.


By gaining access to information on what makes YOU tick (via Shae.AI), we can help you navigate your personal health code for ultimate health and happiness.

Your questions answered

Precision health, also known as personalised or individualised medicine, is an approach to healthcare that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle to tailor prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies for each person. It emphasizes the use of advanced technologies, such as genomics, proteomics, and digital health tools, to collect and analyse large amounts of data about an individual’s health and characteristics.


The goal of precision health is to provide more accurate and targeted interventions, improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

“Fundamentally, health and wellness coaching encompasses the sciences of positive psychology, behaviour change, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle medicine with the dynamic art of relationships, teamwork and community.


Health and Wellness Coaches focus on guiding and assisting their clients to develop the resilience advantage that long-term behaviour change delivers in health and wellness outcomes.


Health and wellness coaching is a patient or client-centred approach that focuses on assisting them to elicit and clarify their values, gain insights into their lifestyle practices and develop a deeper understanding of possibilities and pathways to resolution of their challenges.


For the patient or client, this is a journey of self-discovery that ultimately leads to them setting goals, accepting a level of self-responsibility and experiencing positive self-determination.


It is this self-awareness and knowledge that inspires and motivates them to bridge the gap between intention and action.”


Definition by Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (

Combining precision health with health and wellness coaching can provide a more comprehensive and personalised approach to supporting individuals in their health journeys. Here are a few reasons why these two approaches can complement each other:


  1. Individualised approach: Precision health focuses on understanding an individual’s unique genetic and environmental factors to tailor interventions. Health and wellness coaching builds on this individualized approach by considering the client’s goals, motivations, and lifestyle factors. By combining both approaches, individuals can receive targeted interventions based on their genetic and environmental profiles while also receiving personalized support and guidance.
  2. Behaviour change support: Health and wellness coaching places a strong emphasis on behaviour change, helping individuals overcome barriers and develop sustainable healthy habits. Precision health provides valuable insights into an individual’s health risks and genetic predispositions, which can be used to inform and motivate behaviour change strategies. The coaching relationship can help individuals navigate complex health information and implement personalised recommendations effectively.
  3. Holistic perspective: Health and wellness coaching takes a holistic view of health, considering physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Precision health focuses on the biological and genetic aspects of health. By combining both approaches, individuals can address multiple dimensions of health and wellness, leading to a more comprehensive and integrated approach.
  4. Long-term health management: Precision health can provide valuable information about an individual’s health risks and potential future conditions. Health and wellness coaching can support individuals in understanding and managing these risks, making lifestyle changes, and adhering to recommended interventions over the long term. This combination can help individuals maintain optimal health and prevent future health issues.

By integrating precision health and health and wellness coaching, individuals can benefit from a more personalised, holistic, and supportive approach to their health and wellbeing. It combines the insights from precision health with the guidance and accountability of coaching, ultimately leading to better health outcomes and improved quality of life.

Meet Darren

With over 20 years experience in the health and technology industry, Dr Darren Webb offers a uniquely skilled and passion-driven health service to anyone perhaps frustrated by their health situation and wishing to make lifestyle behavioural change for a wide range of health or personal reasons.


With an extensive academic background and a variety of management and employment roles within government, private sector and not-for-profit organisations, Darren completed further studies in Health and Wellness Coaching in 2022 to address the increasing impacts of chronic disease burdening many Australians.


Recognition of the evidence-based value of lifestyle health behaviour change through health and wellness coaching, it continues to be his passion to assist people towards and throughout their individual journeys to healthier and happier lives.

HCANZA Accredited

Professional Member of Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (HCANZA)

Professional Certificate

Trained at Wellness Coaching Australia (WCA)

PHA Endorsed Health Coach

Precision Health Alliance (PHA)


Start your journey to a precisely healthier you - today.